It started out quite well!

It started out quite well….

So here we are at my first blog. An attempt to write. The creative juices are flowing it seems so this effort of making communication. I do hope that it stands out, makes an impression and also stirs up a reflection, a clear mandate of thoughts in your own minds and hearts.

It started out quite well. A normal chat over some pics that I had clicked of her. She liked the effort made. The number of clicks was minimalistic but the appreciation I received was exemplary. She radiated an aura. It was nice. There was an instantaneous building up of rapport. We had hit it off well. We exchanged numbers. The first night got over too soon it seemed. I grew fond of her. Sort of liked it and her too. The chats continued with days on end. She is a sweet quintessential child, wary of the world. If I start defining her attributes, even the stars and the moon who are considered to be epitome of beauty would be cornered. She is that beautiful. There is an enigma in her. Her eyes, her smile, her talk, she blushing, her laughter, those perfect hair (she doesn’t have a bad hair day ever) and her just being herself was the main reason of all that made me grow fond of her and eventually made me fall for her. There is that utmost urge inside her that makes people wanna fall in love with her. She needs that love too mixed with a tinge of care. She deserves it completely. She literally is one of a kind. That immediate want and need of affection in her, did the trick I suppose. They say opposites attract. Well, not in this case. We are quite like minded. Or we actually were….

It started out quite well. I finally did fall in love. This was first of its kind and pretty much custom made! The very straight forward and the “me” that I am, told her about the same. She liked all that, but she still was/is stuck in her past. I’ve had no pasts. Not in the sense of being in what we call the true love (head over heals vala…) Her past was shit. Shit from the unsuited and stinking anus. If anyone would’ve done those things to me, I would have had name inked in the criminal records immediately and most certainly. But however made for each other that they might be, do differ in ideologies sometimes. The sweet adorable doll that she is, couldn’t find solace without thinking about the other schmuck.

It started out quite well. I tried hard. I still am in a way. I composed poems, one liners etc. Not the usual cheeky and cheesy ones, but the original, straight out of the heart types. She used to blush to them day in and day out. Making her smile is still a passionate job that I love. She certainly grew fond of me, she did care. I was slipping more into this love thingy. I cant swim. That was probably another reason that I drowned in her eyes. Her eyes are too deep. I just blended in. I actually wasn’t looking out for her. I just stumbled onto her. Must have been destiny.

It started out quite well. But life does change. When its not your time, you just shouldn’t mess up. The karmic undercurrents fuck you over. Changes are inevitable. I knew this. Had myself changed a lot. I always thought that this feeling of being in love is shitty and highly overrated. But you never know until it comes to you. When it did, I was liking it. I embraced it with all the pros and cons.

It started out quite well. That evening it was all good. Like a perfectly plated dish. The food was tasteful, it smelt great, the presentation was nice. Perfect to every detail. But till the night set in, a fly sat on that dish. I guess the dish had become cold. I suddenly turned cold feet myself. It all came crashing down to this. She is confused. My love is a plain and simple truth. No reciprocate feelings and a rejection of sorts. And now we don’t talk. She doesn’t feel like! It all came to a staggering halt. My life too is at slow pace, at snail’s pace or even slower. If I had done no great sins in my earlier life, I would have been dead till now. They say that “tootey hue dil se sangeet nikalta hai” but “mera toh blog mikal aaya!”

It started out quite well….